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What Is The Finest Chocolate For Chocolate Chip Cookies?

I examined completely different sorts of chocolate to search out the very best chocolate for chocolate chip cookie recipes! Chocolate is a very powerful a part of any chocolate chip cookie recipe; your selection can have an effect on the flavour, texture, and even look of your cookies.

On this publish, I discover completely different flavors of chocolate (darkish versus milk versus white chocolate), shapes of chocolate (chips versus chunks versus chopped chocolate from a bar versus fèves), and rank a few of the hottest chocolate chip varieties. And right here’s what I discovered:

The perfect chocolate for chocolate for chocolate chip cookies is a darkish chocolate with between 60% to 70% cacao. For a bakery-style chocolate chip cookie that can bake vast and flat, with picturesque specks and/or puddles and swimming pools of melted chocolate, use chopped chocolate from a high-quality baking bar like Ghirardelli and/or splurge on Valhrona fèves.

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However let’s dig in:

Darkish, Milk, and White Chocolate In Cookies

You possibly can customise any chocolate chip cookie recipe through the use of completely different sorts of chocolate. Right here’s the professionals and cons of every selection:

photo showing the different colors of dark vs milk vs white chocolate chips
photo showing a tray of three cookies each with a different flavor of chocolate

Why You Ought to Use Darkish Chocolate In Chocolate Chip Cookies

Use a darkish chocolate that comprises between 60% to 80% cacao for a traditional chocolate chip cookie. The bittersweet taste of the darkish chocolate balances out the sugars within the cookie dough, leading to a well-balanced, conventional chocolate chip cookie.

Darkish Chocolate Deep-Dive: What’s The Distinction Between Bittersweet and Semisweet Chocolate?

In the USA, there’s no official benchmark for the “bittersweet” and “semisweet” chocolate designations. It’s as much as producers to find out how a lot cocoa to make use of, and percentages will range enormously from model to model. Due to this, I counsel you to disregard these bars and keep on with a darkish chocolate that lists its cocoa proportion.

Like Ghirardelli! Though Ghirardelli sells a semi-sweet chocolate baking bar, additionally they promote a 60% cacao baking bar and a 70% cacao baking bar. These baking bars are simply present in most main supermarkets in the USA.

The Case For Utilizing Milk Chocolate In Chocolate Chip Cookies

In case you have a candy tooth, use a milk chocolate that comprises between 35% to 45% cacao. Milk chocolate is sweeter in taste than darkish chocolate, and can end in a a lot sweeter cookie. If you wish to mood the sweetness of the milk chocolate, use half milk chocolate and half darkish chocolate.

The Case For Utilizing White Chocolate In Chocolate Chip Cookies

White chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa, and is the sweetest of the three candies. Though you should use it in any chocolate chip cookie recipe, the ensuing cookies will probably be too candy. I counsel pairing it with different flavorful substances like cocoa powder, warming spices, espresso and/or tea, or nuts to assist steadiness the cookie.

Take a look at the next recipes for inspiration:

What about unsweetened chocolate?

Unsweetened chocolate is 100% cacao chocolate, with no added sugar. People like to make use of unsweetened chocolate in baking as a result of it may give baked items a really intense chocolatey taste. Nonetheless, by itself, it may be fairly bitter.

Should you don’t have a lot of a candy tooth, you should use unsweetened chocolate in your chocolate chip cookies. Nonetheless, I don’t advocate it for most individuals. Even with a candy cookie dough base, you’ll probably find yourself with chocolate chip cookies that aren’t as candy as you need them to be.

Chocolate Chips, Chunks, Bars, and Fèves In Cookies

It seems that the form of your chocolate is simply as vital as the flavour you select. Typically, you should use the next varieties of chocolate in cookies:

  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate chunks
  • chopped chocolate from a baking bar
  • chocolate fèves
photo showing chocolate chips versus chunks versus a bar versus feves

Why You Ought to Use Chopped Chocolate OR Baking Fèves In Chocolate Chip Cookies

Each chocolate chips and chunks are designed to carry their form in the course of the baking course of. Producers will both use extra cacao solids (which don’t soften as simply) and even add substances like paraffin wax or palm oil. These components can have an effect on the style of the chocolate. You possibly can study extra in this Taste article (in which I’m quoted arguing against chocolate chips!).

To keep away from these further substances in chocolate chips and chunks, I like to make use of both chocolate from a baking bar or chocolate fèves as an alternative. Baking bars and fèves don’t comprise any of the extra substances present in chips and chunks. As a substitute, they comprise extra cocoa butter. The cocoa butter makes the chocolate style richer and smoother, and permits it to soften extra simply when warmed. These translate to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate specks and/or swimming pools and melted puddles of chocolate in chocolate chip cookies!

What are chocolate fèves? Are they the identical factor as chocolate baking discs and wafers?

Chocolate fèves are a elaborate pastry faculty time period for a flat, bean-shaped disc of chocolate. When baked in a cookie recipe, the fèves don’t maintain their form (much like how chocolate chips sometimes do) and as an alternative soften into puddles. These puddles give your cookies skinny layers of chocolate all through each chew. Probably the most outstanding maker of chocolate fèves is certainly one of my favourite chocolate makers, Valrhona Chocolate

photo of a bag of valrhona feves on a kitchen counter

Sadly, as a lot as I like Valrhona chocolate, their chocolate fèves may be laborious to search out at your common grocery retailer. I sometimes purchase Valrhona merchandise on-line at AmazonKing Arthur Baking Company, or Valrhona’s online store. However should you don’t wish to purchase on-line, relaxation assured that different chocolate makers make related merchandise. Notably, Guittard Chocolate Company makes chocolate wafers. These wafers are much like fèves, however extra round in form. I’ve seen Guittard chocolate wafers at choose SafewayTarget, and Whole Foods shops.

What different chocolate do you advocate in addition to fèves?

Should you can’t discover fèves, I additionally advocate Guittard Chocolate Wafers (that are extra available in most main supermarkets). Should you’re on a price range, I like to recommend chopping up a Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bar or Ghirradelli baking chocolate bars as an alternative of chocolate chips. Both finely chop or roughly chop up the chocolate and use it within the chocolate chip cookie recipe of your selection!

Deep-Dive: The Distinction Between Roughly Chopped And Finely Chopped Chocolate

In order for you bigger swimming pools of chocolate in your cookie much like the style and look you’ll get when utilizing fèves, roughly chop the chocolate baking bar into 1- to 2- inch items. Doing so will end in chocolate chip cookies with big swimming pools and puddles of melted chocolate all through.

In order for you a extra speckled search for your cookies, finely chop the chocolate bar into ⅛-, ¼-, and ½-inch items. This technique will end in a chocolate chip cookie with a “freckled” chocolate look, with a smoother mouthfeel with out the chocolate swimming pools of fèves.

GIF showing unbaked and baked cookies with roughly versus finely chopped chocolate

Do I actually need to make use of chopped chocolate or fèves? Can I simply use chocolate chips?

If there’s one factor I would like you to remove from this publish, it’s this: don’t skimp on chocolate! Most grocery retailer manufacturers—even those that provide merchandise particularly made for baking—comprise all types of components like paraffin wax and palm oil. These substances compromise the flavour and texture of your outcomes. I’ve stopped utilizing chocolate chips in 90% of my recipes, and my baked items have tasted so significantly better because of this. 

GIF showing baked vs unbaked versions of four cookies with different types of chocolate

The Case For Utilizing Chocolate Chips and Chunks

I admit there are nonetheless numerous instances through which it’s acceptable to make use of chocolate chips and chunks! I like to make use of chocolate chips and/or chunks after I’m craving a puffier chocolate chip cookie that tastes home made, with distinct bites of small chocolate right here and there.

Listed below are different situations the place I like to make use of chocolate chips:

A Abstract Of How The Form Of The Chocolate Impacts Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Chocolate Chips. Use chocolate chips if you need your cookies to look home made, with distinct, complete morsels and spherical items of chocolate all through the cookie. Chocolate chips additionally make puffier, thicker cookies that don’t unfold as a lot once they bake.
  • Chocolate Chunks. Most chocolate chunks are made utilizing the identical course of as chocolate chips. The one distinction is that they both are available in sq./rectangular shapes (like Nestle Toll House), or jagged shards of chocolate (like Trader Joe’s).

    Just like the case for chocolate chips, use chocolate chunks if you need your cookies to look home made. They may have distinct, complete items of rectangular-shaped chocolate all through. As a result of the chunks gained’t soften in the course of the baking course of, utilizing them will end in puffier, thicker cookies.

  • Chopped Chocolate From A Baking Bar. Not like chocolate chips and chunks, chopped chocolate melts when baked, resulting in melty specks and swimming pools of chocolate within the cookies.

    Use chopped chocolate if you need an expert wanting chocolate chip cookie that appears prefer it was made by a bakery. In order for you bigger swimming pools of chocolate in your cookie, roughly chop the chocolate bar into 1- to 2- inch items. In order for you a extra speckled search for your cookies, finely chop the chocolate bar into ⅛-, ¼-, and ½-inch items.

  • Chocolate Fèves. Chocolate fèves (or discs or wafers) are made with the identical chocolate as baking bars. I like to think about them as pre-chopped baking bars which might be already the right form and measurement for creating big swimming pools of chocolate in chocolate chip cookies.

    Use chocolate fèves if you need an expert wanting chocolate chip cookie that appears prefer it was made by a bakery. They make vast cookies which might be stuffed with layers of swimming pools and puddles of melted chocolate.

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The Finest Chocolate Chips For Any Baking Recipe

Not all chocolate chips are created equal. Some comprise extra cacao solids and/or synthetic components that negatively have an effect on the style of the chocolate.

I examined 4 common manufacturers and located my favourite selection within the TikTok video beneath. Though there are extra chocolate chip manufacturers and kinds out there, I selected chocolate chip manufacturers that listed their cacao percentages on the packages to begin with:

@hummingbirdhigh style testing all the very best chocolate chips so that you don’t must! #chocolatechipcookies #easyrecipes #lifeadvice #cookinghacks #baking ♬ Patisserie Skills – Tom Howe

The TL/DR of the video:

  • Ghirardelli Bittersweet 60% Cacao Chocolate Chips. These chocolate chips really melted fairly equally to chopped chocolate bars and/or fèves, and tasted nice. They’re formed flatter and wider than different chocolate chips, leading to flatter cookies that unfold generously within the oven. They’re the chocolate chips I normally inventory in my pantry as they’re available in most main grocery shops.
  • Guittard 63% Extra Dark Chocolate Chips. I appreciated the best way these chocolate chips tasted on their very own. For my part, they tasted greatest and I’d fortunately snack on them ceaselessly. However didn’t like how they baked in my chocolate chip cookie recipe. They soften in any respect and maintained their form all through the baking course of, resulting in further puffy and chunky textured cookies.
  • Nestle Toll House 53% Chocolate Morsels. Of all of the chips I attempted, these had the worst taste and texture. They tasted the least chocolatey and had a bizarre, waxy shine and really feel. Their solely benefit is that they cooled rapidly, permitting you to retailer the cookies quicker.
  • Dealer Joe’s 72% Cacao Chocolate Chips. I used to be tremendous impressed with these chocolate chips. Just like Ghirardelli, they tasted nice and melted like chopped chocolate and/or fèves. Just like Ghirardelli, they’re flatter and wider than the opposite chocolate chips on this listing. Their solely drawback is which you can solely purchase them at Dealer Joe’s.

My Finest Straightforward Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

My Finest Straightforward Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe makes cookies which might be chewy and fudgy within the middle, whereas crispy on the perimeters. The cookie dough solely takes 5 minutes to make because you needn’t use a stand mixer or chill the dough.

A photo of chocolate chip cookies on a gold sheet pan.

Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

These small batch chocolate chip cookies are chewy within the middle, crispy of their edges, and full of numerous chocolate puddles! The perfect half? You possibly can customise this small batch recipe to make both 4 massive cookies or 6 medium ones!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are NOT cakey. As a substitute, they’re crispy on the perimeters, chewy and fudgy of their facilities, and full of swimming pools of chocolate—similar to your favourite chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate Chip Cookies With Powdered Sugar Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies with powdered sugar are a novel twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe! The powdered sugar within the recipe helps take in moisture from different substances, giving the cookies an additional tender and chewy texture.

My Finest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

My greatest oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe makes cookies which might be chewy within the center, crisp within the middle, and full of numerous crunchy oatmeal and swimming pools of melted chocolate!

best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe
toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe

My Finest Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Recipe

My greatest chocolate chip cookie cake recipe makes a large, 10-inch chocolate chip cookie with a fudgy middle and crisp edges. The chocolate chip cookie cake is adorned with a traditional American buttercream frosting and many sprinkles. All in all, it tastes just like the chocolate chip cookie desserts you bear in mind from childhood!

covid chocolate chip cookie cake

Vegan Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

These vegan chocolate chip cookies style EXACTLY like common chocolate chip cookies with crisp edges, comfortable and chewy facilities, and swimming pools of molten darkish chocolate all through each chew of cookie. That is all due to a handful of “secret” substances like tahini, coconut oil, and vegan chocolate.

vegan tahini chocolate chip cookies

S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This s’mores chocolate chip cookie recipe is the cookie model of a traditional s’mores deal with! Assume: cookies stuffed with swimming pools of melted chocolate, crunchy graham cracker crumbs, and gooey melted marshmallows.

Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

These brown butter and toffee chocolate chip cookies are the chocolate chip cookies you understand and love, however LEVELED UP! These brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookies are made with milk chocolate and Skor toffee items.

brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookies

Earl Gray Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Improve a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe with Earl Gray tea! These Earl Gray chocolate chip cookies are infused with Earl Gray. The tea enhances the darkish chocolate and offers the cookies a novel, floral style and aroma.

Earl Grey chocolate chip cookies

My Finest M&M Cookie Recipe

M&M chocolate candies are a enjoyable, whimsical approach so as to add completely different textures and flavors to traditional chocolate chip cookies. When the M&M cookies are heat and contemporary from the oven, the M&Ms burst with molten chocolate and crispy textures with each chew!


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