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Generally known as tirtlen or tortelli alle erbe, this vegetarian do-it-yourself fried rye flour ravioli is a standard recipe from the gorgeous Alto Adige (South Tyrol) in Northeast Italy. There, rye flour is a staple ingredient used to make bread, pasta and different meals. These ricotta and spinach raviolis are straightforward to make and really moreish.

homemade fried rye flour ravioli (tirtlen)

South Tyrolean delicacies.

Additionally known as the Alto Adige or Südtirol, this Italian province is a part of the Trentino-Alto Adige area. From 1815 till 1919, it belonged to the Austrian Hungarian Empire. The South Tyrol borders with the modern-day Austrian area of Tyrol.

Many individuals there communicate German and, as you’ll be able to think about, there are a number of similarities within the meals in each elements of the Tyrol. That’s why many South Tyrolean recipes and dishes have Germanic names, as you’ll discover under.

Italian cookbook showing the recipe for rye flour ravioli.

I discovered this recipe for spinach and ricotta rye flour ravioli in an Italian cookbook for recipes from Trentino-Alto Adige. This e-book is a part of a group of cookery books with recipes from all of the Italian areas. Aside from these tirtlen there are another dishes I actually wish to make from it; like tagliatelle with cabbage and sausage, various kinds of canederli and gnocchi and extra rye flour ravioli recipes.

homemade fried rye flour ravioli (tirtlen)

Rye flour within the South Tyrol kitchen.

Wheat doesn’t develop properly within the mountainous South Tyrol. In truth, solely essentially the most rustic and resistant crops have tailored to the tough terrain of the Dolomite mountains through which the area is positioned. So, the locals historically use hardier kinds of grains to make their breads and pasta and so on. These embody spelt, oats, buckwheat, and barley.

Ingredients for rye flour ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach on wood pastry board.
Step 1 Collect your substances: Flour, milk, olive oil, salt, spinach and ricotta.

Nevertheless, the most well-liked grain is rye. Rye has weed-like traits and never even the snow kills it, not to mention the altitude. Consequently, it has lengthy been a supply of staple meals that previously helped the native inhabitants survive throughout tough instances.

Rye flour and soft wheat flour in white bowl.
Step 2 Sift the 2 kinds of flour right into a bowl.

Probably the most well-known conventional rye breads from this a part of Italy are schüttelbrot: a crispbread created from rye, sourdough and cumin seeds and Vinschger Paarl that means the ‘Venosta couple’: two flat loaves of rye and spelt or wheat joined collectively.

Plus, Pusterer Breatl: a flat and spherical loaf typical of the Val Pusteria, made with a combination of rye and wheat and flavored with fennel seeds, coriander, cumin and fenugreek.

A tablespoon of olive oil held over a white bowl with flour in it.
Step 3 Add salt and olive oil to the flour.

South Tyrolean pasta made with rye flour.

Curiously, schüttelbrot is even used to make pasta. A while in the past, I used to be given some schüttelbrot tagliatelle which I utilized in one other South Tyrol pasta recipe with speck and chanterelles.

To make that tagliatelle, they finely grind the bread and blend it with eggs and durum wheat semolina. So scrumptious, however sadly arduous to search out and never straightforward to make at house.

Milk being poured into white bowl with flour.
Step 4 Combine within the salt and olive oil after which add some milk.

Aside from the fried ravioli on this recipe, the South Tyroleans make different rye flour ravioli together with ravioli alla Pusterese or schlutzkrapfen. These are often crescent, or half-moon formed (mezzelune). The substances are largely the identical as tirtlen, however as an alternative of being fried, they’re boiled and served with brown butter and Parmigiano.

Flour and milk mixed together in white bowl with a fork.
Step 5 Combine the flour and milk along with a fork after which proceed together with your fingers. Add extra milk as required.

Is rye flour wholesome?

Rye flour is much more nutritious than wheat flour because it retains a considerable amount of vitamins. It is because it’s tougher to separate the bran while processing the flour. Rye flour is wealthy in B nutritional vitamins, that are vital for the mind and nervous system. It’s additionally mineral wealthy with magnesium for nerves and muscle groups, phosphorus for wholesome bones, iron for blood formation and oxygen transport and zinc.

Rye flour dough in white bowl.
Step 6 Knead the flour and milk within the bowl till you’ve got a dough.

Is rye flour pasta gluten free?

Rye flour has much less gluten than wheat flour but it surely’s not gluten free. Nevertheless, the gluten on this flour (gliadin) is a special kind of gluten to that present in wheat flours. Rye flour lacks the glutenin wanted to type the elasticity in dough.

That is why many rye flour breads and most rye flour pasta additionally comprise wheat flour. The do-it-yourself fried ravioli on this recipe has an equal quantity of rye flour and delicate wheat flour.

Ball of ready rye flour ravioli dough on wood worktop.
Step 7 Flip the dough out onto a floured worktop. Proceed kneading till it’s fairly delicate and elastic. Let the dough relaxation for half-hour.

Methods to make the rye flour ravioli dough.

As talked about above, the flour for this ravioli dough is half rye flour and half delicate wheat flour. The liquid you want for the dough is definitely milk, plus a tablespoon of olive oil. This dough is kind of straightforward to make. Simply sift the 2 flours collectively right into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, the olive oil and a few milk.

Begin to combine the flour and liquid collectively utilizing a fork, including extra milk till you’ve got the beginning of a dough that doesn’t keep on with the perimeters of the bowl. In fact, you’ll be able to combine the dough with out a bowl on a floured work floor.

Puréed cooked spinach in food processor.
Step 8 Make the filling. Prepare dinner the spinach, drain it very properly and purée in a meals processor or chop finely.

Subsequent, flip the dough out onto a floured work floor and knead till it’s fairly clean and elastic. Then roll the dough right into a ball, wrap it in cling movie or a moist tea towel and let it relaxation for half-hour.

The spinach and ricotta filling for rye flour ravioli.

Whereas the dough is resting is the right time to make the filling. This model of tirtlen has simply spinach, ricotta and salt. There are additionally variations with potato as properly and others made with cabbage and potato or cheese and Swiss chard.

Puréed spinach and fresh ricotta in white bowl.
Step 9 Put the spinach and ricotta in a bowl and blend properly collectively.

Making the filling is fairly easy. All it’s essential do is cook dinner the spinach in salted water, drain it very properly, squeeze out any water and chop it finely. I used a meals processor to do that. Then combine the spinach with the ricotta and add salt to style. You can even add some grated nutmeg.

Puréed spinach and ricotta mixed together in white bowl.
Step 10 Add some salt and nutmeg to the spinach and ricotta and blend once more.

Making and filling this ravioli.

As soon as the dough has rested, lower off about 20% of it and rewrap the remaining dough so it doesn’t dry out. Roll out the piece of dough you narrow off till it’s moderately skinny. You need to use only a rolling pin or a pasta machine.

Piece of rye flour ravioli dough cut off from larger dough ball on wood worktop.
Step 11 Reduce off about 20% of the dough. Re-wrap the remaining to maintain it moist.

I used my guide pasta machine, passing the dough by way of the widest setting a few instances first. Then once more by way of the subsequent two settings. On my machine, the widest setting has the best quantity, 7. On different machines the wisest setting is usually the bottom quantity.

Sheet of rye flour dough in manual pasta machine.
Step 12 Roll the dough piece out right into a sheet utilizing a rolling pin or guide pasta machine.

The dough sheets for this do-it-yourself rye flour ravioli don’t must be tremendous skinny. The subsequent step is to chop circles out of the dough utilizing a glass, or cookie cutter. Some Italian make their tirtlen 12cm (4.7in) in diameter. Mine have been 9cm (3.5in).

Upon getting some circles of dough, place a few teaspoons of the filling onto the centre of 1 dough circle, moist across the edge with some water and canopy with a second circle.

Sheet of rye flour dough with circles cut into it.
Step 13 Reduce circles out of the rye flour dough sheet utilizing a glass or cookie cutter.

Press the sides down across the filling to seal your ravioli. Place the prepared raw rye flour ravioli on a floured tray and repeat the method with the remainder of the dough and filling.

Circles of rye flour dough with spinach filling in the centre.
Step 14 Place 2 teaspoons of filling within the centre of every dough circle. Rub some water across the edge and canopy with one other circle.

Frying and serving your rye flour ravioli

These do-it-yourself spinach and ricotta rye flour ravioli from the South Tyrol are historically eaten fried as a snack or road meals. You will discover them on the market at most of the area’s markets and gala’s. They’re greatest when they’re scorching and freshly cooked.

One of the best oil to fry your tirtlen in is a vegetable, sunflower seed, or peanut oil. Up to now, locals additionally fried this ravioli in lard however that’s not widespread today.

10 ready uncooked rye flour ravioli on baking papaer
Step 15 Place the prepared ravioli on a floured baking sheet or tray.

Relying on the scale and depth of your frying pan, fry the ravioli in scorching oil till they brown on all sides. I didn’t use a number of oil so I did them 4 at a time and turned them over to brown. As soon as cooked, place the ravioli on some kitchen paper to empty a few of the oil. However serve them while nonetheless scorching.

Rye flour ricotta and spinach ravioli frying in oil in frying pan.
Step 16 Fry the rye flour ravioli in scorching vegetable oil till browned on all sides.

What to do with leftovers.

Leftover cooked rye flour ravioli could be stored in a sealed container within the fridge for a few days and reheated within the microwave or eaten chilly. BUT, they don’t style pretty much as good as freshly fried ones!

Ready fried ravioli on white plate covered with kitchen paper.
Step 17 Place the prepared fried ravioli on kitchen paper to empty some oil. Serve while nonetheless scorching.

Raw rye flour ravioli could be frozen and cooked from frozen however watch out while you add them to the new oil. You can even simply boil raw tirtlen (recent or frozen) and serve them with browned butter and parmigiano like schlutzkrapfen.

Fried rye flour ravioli from the South Tyrol (tirtlen)

Let me know what you suppose.

These vegetarian spinach and ricotta rye flour ravioli make a fantastic appetizer for company. They will also be eaten at a celebration as a finger meals. Whichever approach you determine to serve them, I’m certain they’ll be a success.

In case you do do this fried ravioli recipe, I’d like to know what you suppose. Please write a remark right here on the weblog or publish a touch upon the Pasta Project Facebook page.

Your suggestions means lots to me!

Buon Appetito!

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Homemade rye flour ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta.

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fried rye flour ravioli with spinach and ricotta.

Selfmade fried rye flour ravioli from the South Tyrol.


This vegetarian fried rye flour ravioli from the Italian mountains is really easy to make, scrumptious, nutritious and really moreish. They’re historically eaten as a snack, road meals or antipasto. Nice as an appetizer too!

Prep Time 1 hr

Prepare dinner Time 30 minutes

Course antipasto, Appetizer, Snack

Delicacies Italian, Northern Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige

Servings 6

Energy 341 kcal


Components for filling

  • 7 oz cooked spinach (200g) I used 1lb recent spinach (500g)
  • 7 oz recent ricotta (200g) properly drained
  • salt to style
  • nutmeg freshly grated

Components for rye flour ravioli

  • 7 oz rye flour (200g)
  • 7 oz Italian ’00’ delicate wheat flour or all function flour
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tbsp further virgin olive oil.
  • 6-7 floz recent milk (about 180-200ml) Quantity of milk wanted could range
  • vegetable oil for frying


Make the ravioli dough

  • Sift the 2 kinds of flour right into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt and the olive oil. Combine with a fork.

  • Proceed mixing when you add the milk somewhat at a time. As soon as the combination resembles a dough use your fingers to begin bringing all of it collectively right into a ball.

  • When the dough now not sticks to the perimeters of the bowl flip it out onto a floured work floor and knead for 7-10 minutes till it is fairly clean and elastic. Roll the dough right into a ball and wrap it in cling movie or cowl with a moist tea towel. Depart it to relaxation for half-hour.

Make the spinach and ricotta filling.

  • If utilizing recent spinach, wash the leaves and take away any giant stems. Place the spinach in a pot with salted water and cook dinner till it has all wilted.

  • Drain the spinach properly and take away any water by sqeezing it together with your fingers or in a tea towel. Chop the spinach finely or roughly purée it in a meals processor. You need to use cooked frozen spinach.

  • Drain the ricotta and put it in a bowl with the spinach. Add somewhat salt and nutmeg. Combine collectively properly.

Make the ravioli.

  • Reduce off about 1/5 of the dough and re-wrap the remaining so it does not dry out. Roll the dough piece out right into a sheet utilizing only a rolling pin on a floured pastry board or roll it out utilizing a pasta machine. It does not must be very skinny.

  • With a glass or cookie cutter lower circles out of the dough sheet of about 3.5 in (9cm) diameter. Place 2 teaspoons of filling within the centre of half the circles. Rub across the edges with water and place one other circle on high of those with filling. Press down across the filling to seal the ravioli.

  • Place the prepared ravioli on a flour dusted floor and repeat with the remainder of the dough and filling.

Fry your rye flour ravioli.


Any raw rye flour ravioli could be frozen and cooked from frozen however watch out while you add them to the new oil. You can even simply boil raw ones (recent or frozen) and serve them with browned butter and parmigiano.
To freeze the ravioli place them within the freezer unfold out on a tray or plate. As soon as frozen they are often transferred to a freezer bag.
Freezing cooked rye flour ravioli isn’t beneficial.

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